Well done Anzor


Oplot Challenge
Light Heavyweight
Anzor won well tonight. Too young and hungry. Congratulations to him, I think he will go all the way. Even though I lost it was a brilliant show to end my MMA career, massive crowd, great production.
Thank you Paul. You showed a great heart. It's always a pleasure to watch you fighting. Even though you lost hope you're not going to call it career.
Mańkowski and Moks stolen the show that night a bit but your fight was great to! Thank's man. Are you sure it's over for you? Crowd booing after your fast recovery from balls kick was weird.

Joke. Thanks for the good fight:)
Great oppener, sad that the rest of the show didn live up to it (apart from Moks-Mankowski ofc). All the health to you buddy.
Good luck Paul! Thanks for great fight, also picture and conversation after MMA-Attack 2. :-) (Do you remember me? You was standing with wife and daugther on the end of show when I call you.)
Mam pytanie, Paul w pewnym momencie podniósł ręce chyba w czasie przerwy między rundami i nagle zaczeły sie gwizdy na hali, wyglądało to jakby podwójnego fakera publice pokazał :D
Mańkowski and Moks was my favorite fight also, great technique from both guys.

I played up to the crowd a little when the boo'd me but it was just for fun, I did it with a smile.

Reed dostał kopnięcie w krocze, po czym przysiadł w narożniku. Wtedy zaczęły się głośne gwizdy ze strony publiczności, Reed szybko wstał, rozłożył ręce w geście niezrozumienia i od razu stanął do walki.
Great fihgt Reedy. You must fight in Poland again!!! Your are not to old to continue your carreer!