UFC 129 typy : dziennikarze, sportowcy etc.


Light Heavyweight
Zanim redakcja poda własne typy na galę w Toronto :

Below are some of the thoughts and predictions for the main event of UFC° 129: ST-PIERRE vs. SHIELDS:

SHANE VICTORINO, Gold Glove Centerfielder from the Philadelphia Phillies
Prediction: JAKE SHIELDS
• I • m gonna have to say • Rush • is the favorite, but I won • t put it past Shields for an upset victory. Shields by submission! •

ARIEL HELWANI, MMA reporter, MMAFighting.com and Versus.com
• Shields is as tough as they come, but I just can't see him taking this fight to the ground, which is where he needs it to be. Even if he does score the odd takedown, he won't be able to dominate GSP on the mat like he has against his previous opponents. GSP wins all five rounds due to superior striking and his solid takedown defense en route to a unanimous decision victory. •

DAVID HAYE, WBA Heavyweight boxing champion
Prediction: JAKE SHIELDS
• Shields is the underdog, but believe me, this is the year of the underdog. Just like when I KO Wladimir Klitschko in July, an underdog could send a stadium full of fans home very unhappy at UFC 129. •

MARK LA MONICA, Newsday (New York)
• Picking GSP to win a fight is like picking all the favorites in March Madness. You may get sneered at for picking the obvious, but you usually finish in the money in your office pool. •

KEVIN IOLE, Yahoo! Sports
Prediction: JAKE SHIELDS
• I think Shields will take this. The fight will go to the ground at some point, and I think Shields has an advantage there. Jake is a different sort of fighter, a different sort of grappler, to the ones Georges has been beating. I think Georges is going to try to do what he did to Josh Koscheck and use his jab and strike from a long range, but I think at some point it will go to the ground and Shields will win. •

TABOO, Black Eyed Peas
• GSP and Shields are both on top of their games, but I would have to give the edge to GSP. He • s got the Canadian home field advantage and I feel like it • s GSP • s time right now, but I gotta feeling that night • s gonna be a good night for the UFC. •

GARETH A. DAVIES, Daily Telegraph and ESPN
Prediction: JAKE SHIELDS
• All champions have to lose at some point and I think Shields has a style that makes him a serious threat to GSP. Shields was immense against Henderson but I • m hearing St-Pierre has been magnificent in training, which makes me hesitate to pick against him. I think this really could go either way; it is certainly the most intriguing GSP fight in years. I may change my mind once I see them at the weight-in but, right now, I am feeling the upset. •

J.S. GIGUERE, Goaltender, Toronto Maple Leafs, Stanley Cup winner
• I have to go with GSP, he's just too well rounded. Plus I have to go with the Quebec guy. •
NEIL DAVIDSON, The Canadian Press
• The champion is a savvy fighter with a lot of weapons. Some say he plays it safe, but he wins fights and dominates opponents. Shields is tough and durable but he does not have GSP's arsenal. One mistake could cost the champion, but otherwise look for a comprehensive GSP victory by decision. •
• Jake Shields' advantage is his top game in grappling, but to use it, he'll need to keep GSP on his back. He won't. St-Pierre wins by third-round TKO. •

Prediction: JAKE SHIELDS
• Jake Shields is a bad man. He • s a tough guy, he • s awkward to deal with and he uses stuff that is so different to other guys that he catches opponents off guard. He • s got awkward takedowns that are hard to defend. So it • s going to be an interesting fight for St-Pierre. But I do think that Jake will need to get it to the ground to win. I • m picking Jake to submit him. •

CHEF MICHAEL SYMON, Food Network • s Iron Chef America and host of Food Feuds
• I • m saying St-Pierre. He is technically just too good. •

MATT HUGHES, UFC Hall of Famer and former two-time UFC welterweight champion
• GSP will win fairly easy. I think this fight will go much the same way the GSP-Koscheck fight went. GSP is the better wrestler, the better striker, and he will be able to control and dominate wherever the fight goes. I really just don • t see any way that Shields is going to be able to win this fight. •

NOEL CLARKE, BAFTA-winning film director and actor
Prediction: JAKE SHIELDS
• I'm gonna go out on a limb and pick Shields. GSP has all the tools to beat him, but for me, he is at a psychological disadvantage. He hasn't finished anyone in a while and he showed that frustration after the Koscheck fight. If Shields can take the early onslaught, GSP will get more desperate to finish, make a mistake and Shields will get him. •

CLARKE MACARTHUR, Left Wing, Toronto Maple Leafs
• I think GSP will win by first round submission. He's way too well rounded a fighter. Shields is tough and dangerous on the ground, but I think GSP is on another level. •

Prediction: JAKE SHIELDS
• It's very difficult to pick against a fighter who will go down as one of the greatest this sport has ever seen, but I have to. Simply put, Jake Shields is a winner. When faced with insurmountable odds, he excels. Few gave him a chance in the world against Dan Henderson. He was supposed to be a stepping stone, a guy to give Henderson a nice win in his Strikeforce debut, and Shields spoiled everything. He's going to do the same thing to St-Pierre, and it won't matter that 55,000 people are rooting against him. •

DWAYNE • THE ROCK • JOHNSON, star of the hit movie Fast Five
• I think it's going to be a five round epic war that redefines both fighters. I respect Shields too damn much to say it'll end any other way. GSP, the best fighter on the planet, wins in the 5th. •

SHAQUILLE O • NEAL, NBA superstar, Boston Celtics
BRIAN DAWKINS, NFL Pro Bowl Safety, Denver Broncos
• I believe St-Pierre will be too much. He has all around talent, striking power and he • s a ground technician. He has no true weakness! •
nawet przy typach widać jak bardzo pompują Shieldsa, a GSP i tak zrobi swoje ^^
Najbardziej rozsmieszyl mnie David Haye :D Pozytywnie zaskoczyl TABOO z BEP, nie wiedzialem, ze interesuje sie MMA.

Co to IceMana, to raczej przez dobra znajomosc typuje Shields'a :D
no wlasnie, bedzie dokladnie tak jak mowi Kraver. uu, Shaq dobrze postawil :D
Mam wrażenie, że część typów na Shields'a jest po to żeby podgrzać atmosferę. Obstawiam że GSP go zdominuje od pierwszej do ostatniej rundy i Shields wyjdzie ładnie poobijany...
Powtórkę z walki z Fitchem chętnie bym objerzał. W sumie jest to prawdopodobne, bo Shields ma gorszą stójkę od Fitcha.