najlepsi zawodnicy bjj w mma!


Ever wondered who that is? Well this is a little list compiled with that purpose in mind. The list takes into account solely BJJ practitioners and it does not take into account the fighters MMA record, but rather their BJJ list of accomplishments, and the list goes something like this:

1. Roger Gracie (MMA Record 3-0-0): Probably the easiest pick ever made, Roger’s Jiu Jitsu’s resume is second to none and he is widely considered the best submission grappler on the planet.

2. Marcio Cruz (MMA Record 7-2-0): Marcio Cruz’s career hasn’t been without it’s bumps and bruises, his characteristic slow pace style of fighting has had a hard time adapting to the quick game of MMA, but his BJJ credentials speak for themselves, he is a 2x Open Weight World Champion and there is still a long road ahead of this heavyweight.

3. Xande Ribeiro (2-0-0): Another fantastic fighter from a very good generation of BJJ’ers, he is the brother of one of the all time best fighters in Jiu Jitsu, but he didn’t rest on his brother’s laurels. His career has been plagued with injuries and he is still inexperienced in MMA, but the sky is the limit for this 6x World Champion

4. Ronaldo Souza (MMA Record 12-2-0): Possibly the Jiu Jitsu fighter with the brightest future ahead of him, Jacare’s wild fight style fits perfectly with the MMA game and he has kept busy, unlike most of his counterparts. Jacare should be holding a title in an MMA organization sooner rather then later.

5. Vitor Ribeiro (MMA Record 20-4-0): A long time competitor in MMA, he is today one of the best lightweights in the World, using a very entertaining style always very focussed on submissions.

6. Fabricio Werdum (MMA Record 14-4-1): The 2x World BJJ and 2x ADCC champion has become an overnight sensation for most MMA enthusiasts, but for the die hard “Vai Cavalo” has been around the block for a long time. He has cemented his name in the MMA picture with this win and hopefully he will go on to wear a belt in a major organization one day.

7. Andre Galvao (MMA Record 4-1-0): A 2x World Champion with a bright future ahead of him, like most of his BJJ colleagues here on display he is still new to the game, but already has a few important wins on his resume. He is recently fighting for Strikeforce.

8. Demian Maia (MMA Record 12-2-0): Another former ADCC Champion, Demian has had plenty of success fighting for the World’s premier organization (the UFC) winning several “Submission of the night” bonusses and having fought once for the Middleweight Title (maybe prematurely) losing to the best MMA Pound 4 Pound fighter, Anderson Silva, by decision.

9. Leonardo Santos (MMA Record 7-3-0): Once considered one of the best BJJ lightweights in the World, Leonardo Santos has left Jiu Jitsu for good and picked up a career in MMA. He currently fights for Sengoku

10. Bibiano Fernandes (MMA record 8-2-0): Bibiano has had a rising start in his MMA career, just like in his BJJ career. He is a 3x Black Belt Jiu Jitsu World Champion and holder of two belts in the Dream MMA organization in Japan.

sorry, ale nie chciało mi się tłumaczyć :)