Finkelstein o przegranej Brocka



- Were you surprised by the outcome of Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez fight?

Brock Lesnar's defeat did not surprise me. I expected him to lose, so it was. I really enjoyed Cain Velasquez's performance. He had a very good gameplan coming to this fight, weathered the storm, went on the attack and won the fight. I always knew that Brock Lesnar will not have a long run as a Champion. Brock was supposed to lose in his previous fight, but he was lucky when he managed to miraculously bounce back against Shane Carwin.

- Do you think Dana White will lose his interest for Brock Lesnar after this defeat?

I don't think people will forget about Brock Lesnar so quickly. At the moment he's still quite a marketable product. People love to watch him fight, so why should White lose his interest to that type of fighter? Lesnar is a capable fighter, he's big and strong. He'll still create some intrigue in the division. But still, I don't think he'll become a Champion ever again.

- Do you think that if Lesnar fought Fedor, the result would be the same as against Velasquez?

Yes. I'm completely sure it would be the same. Fedor is much stronger than Lesnar in all aspects of fighting, on his feet and on the ground. Fedor is faster. Emelianenko would beat him up standing on submit him on the ground.

- If there would be an option to arrange a fight between Fedor and Lesnar, would you consider it?

We were ready to fight Lesnar, anywhere and anytime, as long as he was a champion. Right now, he's doesn't really interests us as a fighter. We have a goal - a rematch against Fabricio Werdum. After this, everything is possible. If this fight will interest the viewer and the UFC will make it possible, so why not?

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Chciałem napisać kogo obchodzi jego zdanie, ale w sumie niech też ma chłopak prawo wypowiedzieć się jak chce o konkurencji skoro Dana mówi co chce o Fedorze.

Dyrma - Dojechałeś na maxa stary :D