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Fedor and the UFC
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Fedor and the UFC

The Former Pride and now Wamma Heavyweight Champion speaks out about his view on the UFC. Many people believe Fedor is ducking the UFC to face weaker opponents. Others believe he will not put up with the UFC and its unreasonable contracts.

"I am not a UFC fan" said Fedor. "I would invite all the fans to watch our fight which is more important". UFC plans to counter the Strikeforce Fedor vs. Werdum event by replaying UFC 113 on Spike. "Compared to alot of commercials and promotion in anticipation of their fights, and compared to alot of fights I have seen, there seems to be alot of negativity in their shows. In some ways the actions of some fighters in the UFC takes away from the sport."

Dana White has signed alot of fighters, many he had problems with, ie Tito Ortiz. He always managed to cut the deal. For some reason, he can't sign Fedor?

Many Fedor fans believe Dana White is the main problem. They believe he runs his mouth too much and causes Fedor to lose interest in the UFC. We all know Fedor is a quiet and humble human that does not get involved with such behavior.

On the other side, there are some critics who say he is ducking the best fighters. Others, including Dana White, believe it is not Fedor it is his management.

The question remains is it Dana White and his expletive comments toward Fedor? Is it Fedor himself? or is it M-1 Global holding Fedor back?

Whatever the answer is will Dana White and Fedor eventually come to terms and co-exist?

"I am not a UFC fan" said Fedor :)
Fedor nie przejdzie do UFC i nie zawalczy z Alistairem, pobije paru kolesi i zakończy karierę będąc "na szczycie". Zajmie się polityką i trenowaniem młodych zawodników. To wszystko przewidział mój kolega Nostradamus.
No też to przewiduję...

Dzięki za info inc


Widzieliście komenty pod spodem?

"I think it's Gayna and M-1 Global" XDDDDDDDDDDD
brak w ufc najlepszego to napewno zadra na honorze white'a ale czas działa w tym przypadku akurat na jego korzyść.