Travis "Hapa" Browne zanim trafił w ręce Edmunda

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During January of 2016, we learned that the California Athletic Commission had revoked Edmond Tarverdyan’s corner license. In applying for his ‘seconds’ license in Boston, Tarverdyan had fraudulently filled in his application, neglecting to disclose his criminal history. What criminal history you ask? Two counts of felony identity theft and resisting arrest in 2010 (see below). Once the MMA commission found he’d cornered Travis Browne under falsified information this past January, they contacted the California commission and thus he was served a $5K fine and his licencse was suspended for three months.

Tarverdyan, 34, was arrested in December 2010 on two counts of felony identity theft and one count of misdemeanor resisting arrest, according to public records. The identity theft counts were bumped down to misdemeanors and Tarverdyan ended up pleading no contest to the three charges.

In 2011, the coach was sentenced to one day in jail (with a credit of one day), three years of probation and 30 days of community service, according to court documents. He was also fined $610.

Then came the bankruptcy claim made by Edmond…

Before Rousey’s pivotal title fight against Holly Holm in November 2015, Edmond Tarverdyan’s claim for bankruptcy was announced. Owing banks and creditors across the country $700K, Tarverdyan claimed he was not the owner of Glendale Fighting Club, and owned just $3K in assets. In the same breath coach Edmond claimed he had no recent income, although he was coach of the reigning women’s bantamweight champion, and the highest earning female fighter ever. Interestingly, Edmond also claimed, on an official court form in his bankruptcy case that he hadn’t filled in tax returns for all of 2013-14. Adding to this, Tarverdyan didn’t remember when he’d last filed his taxes.

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