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Just when you though you heard the last out of Chael Sonnen, he opens his mouth yet again spewing nonsense. Here • s the latest quote from Sonnen regarding Anderson Silva • s performance against Vitor Belfort.

• Thank you, Anderson, for revealing yet another weakness for me to exploit in our rematch. Beating that poor punching bag doesn • t impress Uncle Chael, guy. You tipped your hand like a chump poker player at a $5 table in Atlantic City. You may have beaten Vitor, but in the process, you LOST your edge. By beating that husk, you gave me the last page of your playbook. Revel in your time, [because] it ENDS the night you face me. I will mow you down like autumn wheat, AGAIN. •

At this point, I • m actually surprised that Sonnen is still talking. His mouth has gotten him into so much trouble over the past year or so but he doesn • t relent. Even on his best day, with the help of intramuscular injections of testosterone, he couldn • t beat Anderson Silva, who was on his worst day including a rib injury. Enough is enough already.

Uncategorized | bvrasp | February 7, 2011

Przecież Sonnen regularnie wygłasza te swoje mądrości, przed UFC 126 pisał, że ta gala odpowie na pytanie kto jest nr 2 i 3 wagi sredniej w UFC :-).
Daleya wyrzucili za sucker punch a ten klaun dal sie zlapac na koksowaniu,zostal skazany za malwersacje i nie dosc ze caly czas jest w UFC to jeszcze klapie.

It's Not Funny Anymore.
Żeby tylko - jak nic nadzwyczajnego się nie stanie to po wyciszeniu szumu wokół "wujka Chaela" to właśnie on dostanie title shota....

Life is a bitch....
@Herrflick, Dyrma - well said. Lajfs e biacz.

Tak przy okazji, czy jest ktokolwiek, kto jeszcze w ogole szanuje Sonnena?

Jeszcze tylko z 5 lat w pierdlu i wroci skopac wszystkim dupska...

Wiadomo, ile i czy w ogole posiedzi za te malwersacje? Bo juz teskni mi sie...