Robert Radomski - Spoiler


Oplot Challenge
Light Heavyweight
Result from tonight in Sweden for Vision 77 kg title.

spoiler below





watching a stream of the fight Robert knocked Joatan Westin in 7 seconds. Alkl the Swedish people look shell shocked. Boom!
Yes I watched live on unibet a betting website that stream it.

Robert cam right out and hit him with a very powerful right hand and that was the fight done. Jonathan was really badly hurt. The tv guy asked Robert if he expected to win like that and he laughed and said yes. Funny guy, great win, especially beating the home town favorite in front of all his fans so well.
Reedy bloody hell! It is a saturday night and You watching the fights on the internet ? You are a nerd mate!!! :-)

I know the Scottish guy fighting in the main event on the vision show so I watched, but yea im a proper fight mma nerd. Especially as i am injured and im not training for a few weeks. Bellator last night, Vision today, UFC tonight, team mate James Thompson in India tomorrow on super fight league.
I'm only joking. I will be doing the same but today is my missus birthday and I have house full of people so I am only sneaking from living room upstairs to check fights results.

Hope to see You soon in action.

All the best mate.
Hey matey I know your joking but still i'm an MMA nerd, Also tonight Segej Grechico from mma attack 2 beat Euro no4 Featherweight Joni Salovaara in Finland, and tomorrow night its the Zone in Sweden as my old opponenent Martin Svensson Euro no 3 fight James Saville Euro no 10 (uk) for 66 title. But after this weekend I will have a week off watching mma and take my wife and daughter out to see the Avengers Movie and have a break from watching MMA ;)
So You gonna miss The Fight Of The Century? Pudzianowski Vs Sapp? You are not a hardcore fan then . :)

How you type tonight fights?

Miller- Diaz


Belcher - Palhares

Barry - Johnson

and Mayweather - Cotto
Hey, Reedy. Thanks for news about Radomski. I saw that you are made a contact with mrfreakz. Keep in touch with him - I am sure that you will be satisfied with his job.
@Herrflick - No I will definately watch KSW19, there are quality fights on card and i like Pudz, would be good for him to win then maybe Pudz V James 3. Its back in Lodz where i fought so will bring back some memories.


Miller, Koscheck, Palhares - Barry v Johnson - whoever lands first someone is getting knocked out. And Mayweather.

@Madzer - yea will do thanks for giving me his name, hopefully he might be interested.