Press conference of Fedor Emelianenko


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Press conference of Fedor Emelianenko

Present to you a complete record of the press conference Fedor Emelianenko, dedicated to the fight Antonio Silva on 12 February and tournament M-1 Challenge XXIII.

In a press conference:
Fedor Emelianenko, the multiple world champion in mixed martial arts
Vadim Finkelstein, president of M-1 Global * Renat Layshev, CEO of SEI Center for Education "Sambo-70", head of the Moscow branch of the League of Mix-Fight M-1
Igor Petrukhin, president of TV Fighter
Vladimir Voronov, coach F. Emelianenko
Alexander Michkov coach F. Emelianenko
Maksim Grishin, Champion M-1 Selection 2010 Eastern Europe
Shamil Zavurov, Champion M-1 Challenge 2010 at welterweight. Champion M-1 Selection 2010

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