MMA Attack 2 - Sorry not to fight


Oplot Challenge
Light Heavyweight
MMA Attack 2 was a great show, I was very dissappointed I didn't fight. I hope everyone understands I was not afraid to fight but i did not want to risk the health of my neck and back. The MMA Attack organisers were excellent and didnt want me to fight injured. I wish i was more honest with myself and pulled out of the fight earlier. But I wanted very badly to fight.

The show was huge, MMA Attack are a massive player in MMA. I knew it would be big but I was surprised by the size of arena. Everyone made us feel welcome. Sebastian Grabarek fought really well, but Grechico is a very very skilled fighter and just was a little too good on the night.

Best fighters of the night were Peter Sobotto and Damian Grabowski.

Great show, I hope I will be back for MMA Attack 3.
Good evening, Reedy. I could have seen you on TV by the moment. In my opinion, Grabarek is not well-skilled fighter and you have an opportunity to win with him in quick way. I hope you will be healthy soon. I'm waiting for your taking part in next edition of MMAA and you are going to fight with Pioskowik, who certainly is a better fighter than Grabarek.
Rozmawiałem wczoraj z Paulem po gali, bardzo otwarty facet. Mówiłem mu że pisanie postów na cohones napewno nie zaszkodzi i przysporzy mu kilku fanów więcej.:-)
Reedy, where you escaped when i wanted a photo with you ?

My Girlfriend says that You have very cute daughter :)

Hope to see You soon fighting in Poland. Take care of Yourself.
Don't worry reedy. We know u wouldn't pull out the fight if not the situation that made you to. I hope you will completely recover to october. I hope we will see you in Poland soon. All the best
Thanks guys

@Uefo, if you came up to me I would of had my picture taken with you for sure buddy. My daughter loved the show, its the first time she has been to a show. She is only 10, I wouldnt take her to a show in the UK as everyone would be crazy and drunk but everyone is so cool at the shows in Poland.
Yea i know Reedy, you were too far from me and i was unable to call You, but i was "hunting" for You and I hoped that you come closer, and then You went the other way, so thats why i ironicly said "where You escaped?".

I am glad about things that you are saying about Poland. I think we are a nation of little faith in ourself, and words such as yours are very needed here :)