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Poland's prized lightweight prospect, Marcin Held has developed well over the course of his three year career. He • s a slick grappler known for his submission game, technical ground skills, and steadily developing standup. Held recently made his North American debut under the Bellator FC banner where he was choked unconscious by Michael Chandler. At nineteen years of age there • s no reason to think Held won • t be able to rebound, although that fight did highlight several holes in his game. While there are few doubts about Held • s talent level, he remains far from filling out his projectable frame. Adding strength and focusing on his wrestling are absolute necessities for Held if he wants to eventually make an impact in the UFC.

Co prawda 49... no ale zawsze jest :)
Dziwi mnie troszeczkę obecność Kocha dopiero na 40 miejscu ale ok mogą tak sądzić.