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Oplot Challenge
Light Heavyweight
Really looking forward to watching James Thompson V Pudz next week which i will watch online. James will come over again with wrestling coach Josh, and fellow fighter Wesley Murch. Show will be very cool. Hopefully i can come over and fight next year in Poland at 66 kgs and put on a show.
Hi Paul,

How do you reckon the fight's going to turn out this time around?

Congrats on your win in Jersey last month.
I think better conditioned for MMA this time round but he will have to work so hard to fight James that he will fatigue again. Last time Pudz got a long time to recover inbetween round and still he was exhausted at the start of round 2. Its two huge guys, anything can happen, but I think James will win in similar style to last time. But the show will be a great show as always. Really looking forward to my old mate Sowinski fight. I hope he can pull out the win.
I agree as far as Pudz goes - training at ATT will be benefitial for him for sure, but I still see him running out of gas pretty quickly.

Sowinski has a challenge of a tall order in front of him to say the least, but you can never discount a fighter's chances, can you?
Hi there reedy.

It will be tough fight for Kornik but at the same time he have a lot to gain from it.

Are you in talks with KSW / MMA Attack about your future fights in Poland ?
@ paul : my english is not good, so I only want to say: Hi!

I will help you, here's daily English lesson:

Thanks guys, im sorry but i cant speak Polish at all, I would go through google translater but it might make the message incorrect. Seeing as MMA Attack has a featherweight division that would suit me very well, but if KSW offered a fight even at lightweight the show is so good I would also take it. Im still big enough for 70 kg but im best at 66 kg. These shows in Poland I think are the best in Europe.
thanks, i only learnt how to say Lodz properly last night by the Polish guys in the gym.
Well, that's a first step, and as they say: even a thousand mile journey begins with a first step ;)

To be fair, Polish grammar + pronunciation + spelling are pretty horrific for people who aren't Slavic.
The next day after Drwal taught Dean Lister that, Dean used these Polish lines to pick up that girl:


True story.

Well, ok, almost a true story.

Ok, you got me, not true at all.