Gdyby Dana White był promotorem Strikeforce... xD


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Z cyklu "wyszperane w sieci":
Zastanawialiście się może kiedyś, jak wyglądałaby organizacja Strikeforce pod przywództwem Łysego? Amerykańscy fani MMA mają na to odpowiedź.

Dana o Velasquezie:
He fought for us once and we cut him. Now he is their champ. What does that tell you? He has never faced top competition. Who has he fought? Ben Rothwell? Gimme a fucking break! He then beats their pro wrestler champion. Hardly impressive. He ‘s top 20 at best.

Dana na temat Fedora:
We have the greatest fighter to ever live. The UFC dropped the ball when they purchased PRIDE without securing Fedor's contract. Beyond that, I can ’t see how Fedor would be happy in the UFC knowing he would not be fighting top competition.

White a Jake Shields:
I take the blame for not renegotiating a champions clause in his contract. But in the end, it all worked out. I respect everybody that gets in the cage but Jake just did not fit in with Strikeforce. I've gotten hundreds of tweets a day on how boring a fighter he is. I'm afraid I have to agree. On other hand, we had Jacare Souza and Tim Kennedy, easily the top two middleweights in the world, fight for the title. Either one would have been a champion that better represented Strikeforce.
O TUF-ie:

What kind of organization puts on a reality show? Does the NFL do that? Of course not! The way you build up prospects is to have them fight like we do in the Challengers series. Instead, the UFC makes them perform Jersey Show skits and compete in amateur fights. Fucking amateur fights! They may be prospects but they are pros. The message that sends is that you have to perform on an amateur level to be in the UFC. What does that say about the UFC and level of their talent? Un-fuckin-believable!
O szansach Batisty:

We have to be open-minded. He may be a pro-wrestler but he ’s obviously very athletic. You may never know. He could surprises us all like Herschel Walker or be an embarrassing flop like Brock Lesnar. nic innego byśmy nie robili tylko czytali potyczki słowne obu panów ;)
Widzac choc jedna jego wypowiedz mozna sobie to bardzo latwo wyobrazic, dobra robota:)
Pytanie czy sam ukladales?Czy to jakies jego słowa dawne zastosowane w tym celu z pozmienianymi fragmentami;P?
Dobra robota;)
Na temat Scotta Smitha:

You wanna talk about tuff? Lets talk about this kid scott smith. He went on that stupid reality show of theirs and realised thats not what hes about. He came in there last night and had so much to prove to himself and really went after it. Thats what strikeforce is all about. Not stalling matches and looking up at the time board. I mean you guys fucken drive me nut sometimes with this 'the ufc has the best fighters' bullshit.

O Herschelu Walkerze:

I mean what can you say about this guy. Hes a fucken athelitic freak. At his age and his career he's still willing to go with these 23 24 year old studs. I tell you what if herschel walker wins a couple more matches hes differently in the mix.

O sprzedaży gry EA MMA:

I mean what can you say. The economy is in the tank right now. You dont think big companies are having bad times right now too? so why are you pointing the finger at us. I swear some of you guys in the media are so negative.

O negocjacjach z Fedorem:

We are dealing with Fedor, the greatest fighter to ever live. Naturally negotiations with him will take time. Having the best in the world fight is hard work. If I was dealing with someone like Roy Nelson, the fight will be signed already. Because who the hell is Roy Nelson? Or Shane Carwin? Those guys are nobodies. They have no pull. But Fedor is on a whole other level. Negotiations with him reflect that.

O współpromocji:

We've co-promoted with DREAM, M-I, and EliteXC before they went out of business. The UFC does not co-promote because they are scared. It's that simple. I'm not asking them to merge with Strikeforce. Just one simple co-promotional event. Just one fucking time. If our guys lose, they lose. We're not scared.

O Reemie:

This fucking guy just won the K-1 Grand Prix! The fucking K-1 Grand Prix! Do you know what that means? Listen, this guy isn't just the best striker in MMA, he's the best striker in the entire fucking world. The guy is a freak. You don't see any UFC champions going to K-1 and dominating. Listen, Overeem would knock out every fucking heavyweight in the UFC in the first round. If Cain had any balls, he would vacate his title and come to Strikeforce, where the best heavyweights fight.
@Born2kill te teksty znalazłem na forum Sherdoga. Amerykańscy fani odwalili dobrą robotę wymyślając te kawałki.
Ostatnia porcja trashtalku Dany "UFC should suck Strikeforce fat dick" White'a:

O Frankie Edgarze i dywizji lekkiej:
Outside of BJ Penn the division is nothing but reality show winners and contestants. BJ was overrated, all he fought were wrestlers with bad striking, and the first decent striker he fought beat him up for 10 rounds. Gilbert Melendez took Aoki, the former #1 LW in the world, out and dominated him bell to bell, completely negating the ground game of the most dangerous submission artist in the sport. He avenged his most recent loss in a war with Josh Thomson that I think was the greatest fight of 2009. There's no way you can say Frankie Edgar is the best LW in the world over Gil Melendez.

O grudniowej gali Strikeforce:
You just saw the MMA event of the year. You have to be an idiot to think otherwise. Fans want to see fights and fighters that go out there for the win. The UFC can never put on an event like we just did.

Na temat GSP vs. Koscheck 2:

They should call it the Ultimate Jabbing Championship. I love boxing but we're in the MMA business.Georges St-Pierre should switch careers and work for Don King. And this Josh, John Koscheck guy, whatever his name is. We’re supposed to believe he is this great fighter because he was an “alum” of their Jersey Shore reality show and then became a coach there. But all that "experience" led him to offer his head as a speedbag for five rounds. Am I really supposed to believe these are the top two fighters at 170? Total mismatch!

Sure he's a great fighter, but his fights are snoozefests! Take last night, he showed a great jab, but that's it! Nick Diaz works people with the jab, but guess what? He also goes for the finish! His jab sets them up, the body shots and ground game takes them down. If I wanted to see 25 minutes of nothing but jabs and circling I'd watch a Klitschko fight. And even then the Klitschkos still get the KO!
Venom, TJ - korzystając ze znajomości powinniście przesłać Łysemu te teksty. Chciałbym zobaczyć jego minę ;)