Anzor Azhiev


Oplot Challenge
Light Heavyweight
Hey guys, greeting from Bristol, Olympians MMA. I seen Anzor fight on KSW 18 on saturday. And ive seen my name come up with reference to him. He's very good and he obviously has a solid amatuer background as well as other skills that go wat beyond his 2-0 pro record. Ive just started training again after a little injury, in juust under 9 weeks I will be fighting on MMA Attack 2. All i need to do is do my job well, win in good style. All my concentraion is on Mariusz, only if I beat him can I start thinking about who else I might get offered at 66 kgs. Looking forward to coming back to Poland. KSW 18 was a great show by the way.
Sounds good. You would be a great test for Anzor. Good luck at MMAA2, and hopefully - see you at next KSW event fighting Anzor, even if you lose against Pioskowik :P
Martin Lewandowski declared in a recent interview that they are not planning to introduce featherweight division for at least next two years, which is sad, cause Anzor is a great prospect and he • s natural 145 (apart from that it • s one of the most spectacular division)

What about Tom Niinimaki fight? You're out?
I got an injury and had to take 3 weeks off training so i am out of the Ninimaki fight. On the plus side it will mean i will be healthy for MMA Attack and i cant wait to start training for Mariusz.
To be honest before possible fight with you, Paul, I would like to see Anzor with someone else, just to find out where this guy is in his career. I think Kawulski and Lewandowski may have similar opinion. What do you think about Cengiz Dana fight? You both are 0-2 in KSW, you've similar organisation history so this should be a great one.
Nie sądzę, żeby Reed chciał walczyc z Daną, skoro ten walczy w lekkiej a Reed w piórkowej (zakładając to co mówił reed wcześniej, że woli raczej nie walczyć w -70 kg).

Edit. Zresztą zorganizowanie takiej walki przez KSW nie zostałoby dobrze przyjęte. Chyba, że odbyłaby się ona gdzieś indziej, ale tak czy siak Reed woli walczyćw piórkowej :)
There is no reason to put a Reed - Dana fight on KSW fightcard. Paul is top 10 european featherweight and should be fighting in -66. Fight against Paul will be a big step for Anzor. Much bigger than one against Cengiz. Hope KSW will include featherweight soon.
Im 66 KG I have been for most of my career, I think Anzor did very well against Dana, Dana is a good fighter. But I think my record as a 66 kg fighter speaks for itself. Im definatley not after fighting a guy who is 2-0 even though he is much better than that record. Now i am only concentrating on now is MMA Attack and Mariusz.
Hey man keep hoping, keep your fingers crossed for him but it still wont make any difference ;)
Maybe you're right. What about Azhiev in featherweight? His fight against Dana was in lightweight, I bet he is able to cut some weight, however the question is his willingness to do it.
Reedy I hope you'll give a great show no matter you win or lose.
KSW owners said in one of interviews that we're gonna have to wait for featherweight division in Poland. So if the will let Reedy fight against Anzor it won't happen soon. Anyway I'd rather see our Scotish mate in MMAttack - federation which has nothing to lose investing in this division

P.s: Good luck reedy, but surely I'll be supporting Dyzio :)