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Light Heavyweight
Wywiad z 2013 roku:

- What can you tell us about your background, where you grew up, went to school?
- I grew up in a town of Vulkaneshti, Moldavia and went to Russian school. I’ve loved sports since early childhood.

- What sports in particular?
- It was karate.

- How did you get introduced to karate, did your father take you to gym?
- No, it was me all along and it wasn’t my dad, it was my grandma ( laughs). Everyone at home was aware how much I wanted it. I was bugging them for a month at least and they were trying hard to defend, but in the end I was victorious! I was 10 at the time.

- Why would you choose karate?
- Its simple. This particular gym was growing at the time and I didn’t want to do dancing classes or go to musical school like my mother and sister did.

- Has your family been supportive of your professional career choices in bodybuilding and combat sports?
- Yes, everyone is very supportive, especially my father. Not even once did I hear words of disapproval about my hobby.

- How does it feel, having a signed contract with biggest promotion in the world?
- I’ve wanted it for a long time. What do I feel? Happiness maybe. I’ve been doing this for 13 years and it was not in vain. I knew from the beginning that it will lead to something bigger.

- Can you tell us about your training and fighting in Thailand?
- Training is not too different from how I train at at MMA KEGI. The heat makes it even easier for me, almost no need to warm up and lesser possibility of an injury. About the fights, for the most part locals are smiling at me and praising my skills ( laughs). I like fighting in Thailand, many athletes from around the world go there. Also many more girls that I can get some experience with.

- Where in Thailand have you fought?
- In Phuket and Pattaya.

- What is the MMA scene in Russia like for women?
- We don’t have many girls who are fighting seriously at pro level. I know Julia Berezikova personally. A couple days ago Anastasia Yankova came to our gym to train before her fight. Julia Borisova is great girl, but all in all, WMMA is not very developed here.


- Can you tell us what a regular day is like?
- So, today is Saturday. I wake up, eat my breakfast and after that I run like the wind to training session. After training I go to lectures (she attends Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property). Next there is work as a Crossfit instructor and after that I have a jog planned, then maybe I can get some (staring at coach) rest. (coach nods – “You can today”.)

- What do you like to do to relax? How do you spend your free time?
- With family mostly, especially with my father. I don’t see him often enough. After I get home and had my meal, we just seat there an talk about everything. I’m a family girl.

- What has been one of your biggest disappointments, or your greatest accomplishments, as an athlete? Maybe something you regret?
- I have nothing to regret, all is well. Everything happens for a reason victories and losses, I really love what I do. The biggest disappointment was probably my inability to win Russian National Crossfit Championship, but its ok, nobody wins every time, not even Rich Froning. My biggest triumph, I don’t know, maybe 1st place in fitness competition or winning firs online crossfit games….getting into MMA KEGI team was my biggest accomplishment so far I think ( smiles).

- What was the hardest moment of your life?
- I try not to notice bad things and if they happen forget them as soon as possible.

- Are you nervous while you compete?
- I’m always nervous before I compete. There are always chills before I enter the cage, but when I’m in, when I can see people yelling, rooting for me, all that nervousness goes away and its only fun after that.

- Who do you respect most? Who is your example in life?
- As a sportsman and professional, I respect my coach Andrey the most. I’ll always listen to him, his advices and he helps me all the time. ( And that’s why she always late – voice of sarcastic coach)

- Maybe now it is time to ask said coach Andrey Tsarkov some questions -

- Is Aleksandra the only girl that you train?
- The only one who fights professionally, but there are some other girls in our training group.

- Is it harder or easier to work with a girl? More pampering maybe?
- Not harder and definitely no pampering here, only downside is emotional conditioning.

- Emotional conditioning?
- They can become upset quite easy, more emotions to deal with.

- Are you Aleksandra’s sole coach?
- Yes I am.

- What’s your background?
- I’ve been doing martial arts sine I was 6 year old. First is was Judo than boxing and kickboxing. I started training in MMA around my 16th birthday.

- About her nickname “Stitch”, was it your idea? Why Stitch?
- Yeah, it was me. It was something in her eyes, her character, she just really reminds me of slightly crazy killer koala from outer space.

- So she was running around and destroying stuff?
- Something like that ( laughs).

- How were you able to reach such a lucrative deal for Aleksandra?
- Firstly we made contract with Red Fury Fight Team and Sam Kardan became our manager. It was his hard work that got us the UFC deal. Aleksandra is a colorful character and her level of skill is quite good, so I think she fully deserves to fight in UFC.

- Andrey had to leave, so we are back to questioning Aleksandra -

- You are nicknamed after the Disney character, Stitch. Let’s say Disney offers to sponsor you, but only under one condition: that your coach must be in your corner and dress in a Stitch costume. Would you try to convince him so you get sponsored?
- ( laughs) I think I can do that. Why not, I’ve wanted to see it for a long time.

- What are the things you enjoy most, books, movies, Internet?
- Victory (laughs), even when I have to overcome myself.

- Your Prince Charming, who is he?
- A caring, family man. He can be a daredevil, but everything must be in good measure.

- Crossfit has a many WODs named after women. If a WOD could be named Aleksandra, what exercises would be included?
- Well that is interesting question ( After some consideration she poted a full routine)

Workout of the day “Aleksandra”
1. Deadlift (Sitting). 5 repeats (35-40kgs)
2. Toes to Bar. 10 repeats
3. Run 100 meters
Maximum rounds for 5 minutes.
3 rounds of this. 1 minutes of rest after each round.

- Favorite question of weightlifters: how much do you deadlift, powerlift, bench press?
- Deadlift: 120kg (265-lbs) while competing. I don’t do maximum weight squat lifting. Don’t need that, but I can probably do 15-20 repeats with 45kg (100-lbs). Bench press: 70kg (155-lbs).

- Is there something in training process that you don’t like?
- Nothing at all, I like everything.

- Weight-cutting is expected in MMA today with both men and women. In many of your photos, you seem to be very lean in terms of body fat. Would it be fair to say you do not cut much weight for fights and that your usual weight is close to what you weigh in before a fight?
- Personally, I prefer to fight at my real weight.

- And what is your weight and height?
- 160cm (5′ 2) and 61kg (135-lbs). I can muscle up a little, and after that cut some weight.

- For a newcomer your popularity in MMA community is growing quite fast. As we know many MMA apparel brands are scouting internet for potential athletes to sponsor. Have you received any prepositions from American companies?
- No, not yet. I have a Russian sponsor, All our equipment is from them.

- Who do you want to fight first?
- I really don’t care who it is as long as I fight.

- Have you seen Invicta FC events? What do you think women-only events?
- Invicta is very good for WMMA. I like women only events, but UFC is another level.

- Who is your favorite WMMA fighter?
- Cyborg, she fights like a real warrior.

- What do you think about Fallon Fox? Would you fight her?
- I train with men all the time, but I don’t think it is really fair for her to compete with women, however if I had no choice I would.

- And who is your favorite male fighter?
- It is Genki Sudo. He is very creative fighter, does a lot of crazy spinning stuff and has unreal coordination. Great entrances too.

- Before your fight you’ll probably want to spend some time training in USA. Have you thought about where exactly you want to train? Who you want to spar with?
- We talked about that with Sam ( Kardan), but nothing in particular right now.

- What would you like to say to people who do not know who you are?
- You’ll gonna know me soon! ( jokingly shakes her fist)


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Troche dowalona, mięsnia ma sporo, ale na szczęście nie jakiegoś szpetnego. Jak zobaczyłem to kopara mi opadła, a co innego poszło w góre.


Legacy FC
No robi się za bardzo umięśniona.
Niedługo z okrągłej pupci zostanie kwadratowy kloc :lol:


Ćwiczy wyjścia z klatki uciekając przed Izką ;-) Za dużo mięśni jak dla mnie już, ale spodziewam się, że tak za pare lat kobiece mma będzie pewnie w większym stopniu wyglądać niestety :-)


Ćwiczy wyjścia z klatki uciekając przed Izką ;-) Za dużo mięśni jak dla mnie już, ale spodziewam się, że tak za pare lat kobiece mma będzie pewnie w większym stopniu wyglądać niestety :-)
a jak ma wyglądać przecież musi zrzucić do walki dużo kg to jest wysuszona, normalnie wygląda zajebiście


Za dużo mięśnia jak na określenie tego byciem wysuszonym ;-) Oczywiście jak dla mnie. Fakt, że lepiej na poprzednich fotach się prezentowała, zwłaszcza odpowiednio umalowana ;-)


Wolę tak jak to u Paige widoczne czy nawet u Izki, bo u niej zbyt hardcore'owo :D Raczej z gejostwem kojarzy mi się sympatia do takiej sylwetki u kobiety jak "u kolegi" :D


Light Heavyweight
Wolę tak jak to u Paige widoczne czy nawet u Izki, bo u niej zbyt hardcore'owo :D Raczej z gejostwem kojarzy mi się sympatia do takiej sylwetki u kobiety jak "u kolegi" :D
Jakby kolega miał taki tyłek, nogi i talie to mówiłbym mu Marysiu:)


Vale Tudo
Dla mnie ona ma za bardzo przy*ebane uda, a sylikonowe cycki toleruję tylko w filmach z tych gatunku o miłości :(