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It is embarrassing to share this personal story but all of my fight money, the money I’ve been saving from beginning of my MMA career, is gone. I had a friend who I become acquainted with when I was practicing judo. We became close friends and I respected him very much as a person. But basically, he has embezzled all the money. That’s hundreds and thousands of dollars!

It’s big money, I know!

It’s been three years and that person is living a happy life as if nothing was wrong, and I think this is really unfair!

I’ve been seeking advice from some people to get my money back.

This time, I found a new attorney and, fortunately, it seems like there’s going to be some new progress.

I really hope this doesn’t happen to you!

Ja konkura od przegranej Akiyamy nie widziałem, mam nadzieję, że wszystko jest w porządku.